PLF Research Travel Fellowship

The EAS Department is in receipt of Program Level Fellowship Funds from the Faculty of Arts & Science. These funds are primarily used to provide third-year students with teaching assistant relief opportunities. The remainder of these funds are used to support research travel. Please note that in many circumstances the department will only be able to support a portion of the expenses. 

Applications are due by February 15 in each year. 

Eligible research trips should have been made between September of the previous year, or will be made by August of the year of application. Students must be in the funded cohort to be eligible.

In your application, please state the following items and send them in an email to :

  • Full name:
  • Student number:
  • Year in the program (e.g., 1st year, 2nd year…):
  • Destination(s) of your research travel:
  • Purpose of your travel:
  • Budget plan (e.g., registration, airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, other pertinent expenses/ other sources and application status for other grants):
  • Do you have other financial support already secured for this travel. If so, what kind of support and for how much:
  • Did you receive a travel grant upon admission to the program and have you already used it?
  • Are you eligible to apply for other types of support for this research travel? If yes, what funding opportunities are available to you (please indicate their deadlines)?


Please keep the receipts and boarding passes from all of your travel in case you are awarded this fellowship (in some cases, the application deadline for the fellowship will be after the fact). We look forward to receiving your applications.