Beyond Undergrad

A degree related to East Asia will equip you with the knowledge, skills and critical appreciation of the value of the languages and cultures of the region.In addition, you will come away with valuable insight into the socio-economic and political impacts affecting East Asia.

These critical thinking and communication skills, along with language and intercultural competencies, can set the foundations for a wide variety of careers and roles in today's job market.

Possible career options include:

  • Education 
  • Research 
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Media 
  • International development 
  • International trade 
  • Policy and research 
  • Work in foreign service and non-governmental organizations 
  • Law

Quick Links for Career Exploration


Career Navigator

The University of Toronto Career Exploration & Education built the Career Navigator website to help students with career research and planning. Career Navigator connects a strong network of alumni who, when they share their stories, provide examples of all that is possible with a University of Toronto degree. It also features opportunities that can be explored related to your program while you're a student and possible career pathways.

Visit Career Navigator's Personalized Career Guide for Students Pursuing East Asian Studies

Thinking of Graduate School? 

Our specialist and major programs serve as a foundation for graduate studies in East Asian studies or related disciplines. If you are considering graduate school, you are encouraged to email our Program Administrator early in the fall of your final year. The department hosts a workshop in the late fall about graduate program applications, as well as workshops on applying for scholarships for your prospective graduate programs.