Program Enrolment


Undergraduate students currently enrolled in the Faculty of Arts & Science:

Students interested in coming to the University of Toronto:

Our undergraduate programs in East Asian Studies (EAS) are Type 1 enrolment.

For more information on how to enrol in one of our programs, visit the Sidney Smith Commons Program Toolkit website.

If you are not already a University of Toronto student, please visit the Enrolment Services website for information about applying to the University.

Additional information for future students is available on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.


Advice for your first year if you hope to enrol in an EAS program:

If you hope to pursue the specialist, major or minor programs in East Asian Studies, you should take EAS103H1 Premodern East Asia and EAS105H1 Modern East Asia in your first year. You may also consider taking 200-level Society-Culture courses.

Potential EAS Majors and Specialists are also encouraged to enrol in a Chinese, Japanese or Korean language course in the first year, especially students without background in one of the languages we offer. No language course is required for the minor program.