Graduate Faculty

Students in the EAS Department's graduate programs benefit from taking courses with, and being supervised by, faculty members across the University of Toronto who are widely recognized experts in their fields. The following professors are involved in the department's graduate supervision.

Full Members

All full members are faculty members in the Department of East Asian Studies, except Professor Lam.

Cazdyn, Eric
Feng, Linda Rui
Kawashima, Ken
Keirstead, Thomas
Lam, Tong - Associate Professor (Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga)
Liu, Johanna
Meng, Yue
Poole, Janet
Sakaki, Atsuko
Sanders, Graham
Schmid, André
Wu, Yiching
Yoneyama, Lisa

Associate Members

Arimori, Jotaro – Associate Professor (Department of East Asian Studies)
Chen, Li – Associate Professor (Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC)
Chin, Carol – Associate Professor (History)
Cho, Michelle – Assistant Professor (Department of East Asian Studies)
Crawford, Gary – Professor Emeritus (Department of Anthropology, UTM)
Fujitani, Takashi  –  Professor (History)
Grewal, Anup – Assistant Professor (Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC)
Gu, Yi –  Associate Professor and Program Director (Department of Arts, Culture and Media, UTSC)
Hsiung, Ping-Chun – Professor (Department of Sociology, UTSC)
Ko, Kyoungrok – Associate Professor (Department of East Asian Studies)
Komuro-Lee, Ikuko – Associate Professor, (Department of East Asian Studies)
Luong, Hy-Van  –  Professor (Anthropology)
Peng, Ito – Professor (Department of Sociology and the School of Public Policy and Governance)
Purtle, Jenny – Associate Professor (Fine Art)
Rupprecht, Hsiao-wei Wang – Associate Professor (Department of East Asian Studies)
Satsuka, Shiho  –  Associate Professor (Anthropology)
Shen, Chen  –  Senior Curator (Royal Ontario Museum) 
Song, Chris - Assistant Professor (Department of Language Studies, UTSC)
Tran, Nhung – Associate Professor (History)
Wong, Joseph – Professor (Political Science and Asian Institute)

Full members may serve as the sole supervisor of a PhD dissertation.