The Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee constitutes part of the overall academic appeals procedures available to graduate students within the University of Toronto. (See SGS Calendar for an overview and timeline of the overall graduate appeals process.) 

The East Asian Studies Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee has a total membership of five: four graduate faculty members and one graduate student. The procedures of the committee are outlined on the School of Graduate Studies website

The members of the Committee in the 2023-2024 academic year are: 

Regular Members:
Prof. Graham Sanders (Chair)
Prof. Linda Feng
Prof. Ken Kawashima
Prof. Meng Yue
Rose Liu (Student member)

Alternate faculty members:
Prof. Thomas Keirstead
Prof. Nathan Vedal
Prof. Yiching Wu
Prof. Lisa Yoneyama

Mary Scopelliti, Area Administrator and Assistant to the Chair, is the secretary to the committee. To submit an appeal, please fill out a Notice of Appeal and send it to the Chair of the Committee, Professor Graham Sanders and copy The Notice of Appeal to the GDAAC must be submitted within eight weeks of the decision the student wishes to appeal.