Learning & Safety Abroad

Learning Abroad

EAS students have access to a wide range of learning abroad opportunities through the Centre for International Experience. Many EAS students take advantage of these opportunities to immerse themselves in East Asian cultures and to accelerate their language learning.

Funding opportunities are available through the Centre for International Experience, including the International Experience Awards and International Experience Awards+

Registering with the Safety Abroad Office

All undergraduate students who are travelling abroad on "university activity" (e.g. exchanges, independent study approved by
U of T, research projects that receive funding from U of T, etc.) must register with the Safety Abroad Office (SAO) one month prior to travel. If you are unsure if your travel opportunity is considered a University activity, please visit the SAO's website. Instructions on how to register with the SAO are below.

The Safety Abroad Office is a service available to U of T students who travel abroad for a university activity. They partner with students, staff and faculty to minimize risk by:

  • Providing Safety Abroad workshops
  • Monitoring security situations
  • Assisting students with emergencies abroad
  • Offering 24/hr emergency line

If you are going abroad on a “university activity,” then you will have to register with the Safety Abroad Office before you travel. A university activity is defined as any of the following:

  • Activity that is funded in part or in whole by the university
  • Activity that is organized, sanctioned, or administered by the university
  • Activity which provides participants with academic credit

All students must complete the following Safety Abroad requirements before travelling:

  • Review your destination’s Global Affairs Canada Travel Advisory
  • Complete the Safety Abroad pre-departure workshop
  • Secure appropriate and sufficient Travel Health Insurance
  • Add your trip to the Safety Abroad Registry

Read more about the Safety Abroad Requirements. If you have questions, please email the Safety Abroad Office.