East Asian Studies Graduate Student Union (EASGSU)

A drawing from the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring a landscape full of cliffs, trees, and a lake.
"Landscape in the Style of Juran and Yan Wengui" (倣巨然燕文貴山水圖) by 王翬 Wang Hui (Chinese, 1632–1717) Date: Qing dynasty, 1713 Photo Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Who We Are

All full and part-time graduate students who are enrolled in the Department of East Asian Studies (EAS) are members of the East Asian Studies Graduate Student Union (EASGSU). The elected representatives who serve on the EASGSU executive committee work to represent the interests of graduate students and strive to foster a sense of community on campus that is both intellectually and socially engaging. We work closely with EAS faculty and departmental administrators to ensure that your needs are being met and that your time in grad school is both positive and rewarding.

The EASGSU contributes to enhancing our student community by:

  • Working with the Chair; Associate Chair, Graduate; and departmental administrators on student and program issues
  • Organizing scholarly events and seminars including professional development workshops
  • Introducing incoming students to the university and the city
  • Arranging social events

Visit the EASGSU website for more resources and information

Governance Structure

The EASGSU is a member of the U of T Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU) from which it receives annual funding. Each fall, the graduate students at EAS elect the executive committee to lead the EASGSU for the coming year. All EAS graduate students (full and part-time) are welcome to participate in our monthly meetings and we strongly encourage anyone who is interested in serving on the EASGSU executive team to run for a position. Candidates will make a short speech outlining why they wish to serve on the executive committee, which will be followed by a vote. Get involved and make your voice heard!

EASGSU Executive Positions and Responsibilities

Acting President

The president is responsible for organizing meetings of both the EASGSU executive and the wider graduate student body. They will implement any decisions or programs that are the result of these meetings, and work closely with the department and EASGSU membership to promote student welfare and build an intellectually and socially engaging environment on campus.

Carlos  carlos.arceo@mail.utoronto.ca
Vice President

The Vice-President will assist the president with their administrative duties, often being delegated specific tasks or projects to complete, and generally works to implement the mandate of the EASGSU.

Hyunsung hyunsung.lee@mail.utoronto.ca

The treasurer is responsible for keeping clear and accurate financial records for the EASGSU. They also help plan the EASGSU’s annual budget and authorize transactions.

Alisa meng.fan@mail.utoronto.ca

UTGSU Liaison

  Shizhe shizhe.guo@mail.utoronto.ca

Mentorship Program Coordinator

The mentorship coordinator is responsible for overseeing the EASGSU mentorship program by matching students in the incoming cohort to participating upper year students. They will also organize events in the first weeks of September to help welcome new graduate students to the department and the city.

Tracey & Qidi  tracey.lan@mail.utoronto.ca

CUPE Steward

The CUPE Steward is responsible for liaising with CUPE 3902, attending monthly union meetings and relaying important information back to the EASGSU executive and the wider EAS community. This position is vacant and temporarily filled by Boyao Zhang.

Jessica Morgan-Brown jessica.morgan.brown@mail.utoronto.ca

Event Coordinator

  Yijie (Kassia) yijie.hou@mail.utoronto.ca


The EASGSU executive works collectively to pursue the mandate outlined above and work for the general benefit of the grad student community at EAS. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to bring something to the attention of the executive but are unable to attend our monthly meeting, please find the relevant contact information below. Students who are interested in serving on the executive committee should consult the brief outline of roles and responsibilities when deciding which position is right for them.


Our Commitment

Beyond our commitment to serve the EAS graduate student community, the EASGSU is also committed to student equity on campus and recognizes the need to include and amplify the voices of underprivileged, underrepresented, and otherwise racialized student and community groups. The EASGSU fully endorses the statement on the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) drafted in the summer of 2020 by faculty at EAS. Therefore, the EASGSU considers the pursuit of social justice both on and off campus to be a fundamental part of its wider mandate.

A Japanese drawing from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
『男踏歌』 鶯の餌すり “Preparing Food for the Warbler” from the album Men’s Stamping Dance (Otoko dōka, uguisu no esa suri) by 喜多川歌麿 Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, ca. 1754–1806) Date: Edo Period, 1798 Photo Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art