Visiting Scholars

The Department of East Asian Studies (EAS) welcomes scholars from other institutions where such visits will further the visiting scholar’s research as well as contribute to the intellectual life of the department.

If you are a faculty member from another institution or a scholar with research funding who would like to visit the EAS Department, please connect with one of our faculty members to ask if they would be willing to serve as the host for your visit and recommend your proposal to the Chair.

You will also need to provide the following:

  1. Research Statement 
    A brief (maximum 2500 words) statement describing your research and the reasons why the department would be an appropriate setting for you to conduct your research.

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    Please be sure to include information such as education; awards, scholarships and distinctions; conference presentations; professional and/or work experience; and/or volunteer experience.

  1. *Referees
    We will need contact details of two appropriate referees, one of whom should be your supervisor/advisor, whom we may contact.

*Only scholars who are research award recipients without a faculty position need to submit referees, in addition to a research statement and CV.

Visiting professors must have a faculty position at another institution to which they will be returning after the visit.

The Chair of the department reviews requests for visits. The typical stay is between 4-12 months. The department is unable to provide any financial support and assist in matters such as housing, but we will provide a small office space, if it is available, and will arrange for access to the University’s libraries and wireless network. Visitors are expected to participate in the academic, intellectual and social life of the department and will normally be expected to deliver a colloquium during their stay.

Postdoctoral Fellows

The department welcomes postdoctoral fellows whose projects can benefit from collaborations with one or more of our faculty members. Fellows are expected not only to advance their own research during their stay but also to contribute to the intellectual life of the department. If you wish to be a postdoctoral fellow with the department, you must connect with one of our faculty members and confirm they would be willing to supervise your project. You must also secure external funding of at least $35,000 from an external granting agency or fellowship program. The department cannot host self-funded postdoctoral fellows. Please see the School of Graduate Studies procedures related to postdoctoral fellowships. Once your fellowship has been confirmed by your departmental supervisor and you have secured funding, the department will issue a Letter of Engagement and register you as a postdoctoral fellow with the School of Graduate Studies.

Visiting Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to come to the department as visiting students must arrange to be supervised by a faculty member of the department and enrol with the School of Graduate Studies as an International Visiting Graduate Student. Visit the School of Graduate Studies' website for more information about the International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) program.

Students who are interested in coming to the University of Toronto through the IVGS program should identify a faculty member who can support their research during their stay. The student should then approach the faculty member to ask if he/she would be willing to supervise them during their stay. Once you have identified a supervisor, the department will issue a letter of agreement. You should also  fill out the IVGS form.

Please read through the IVGS form to learn about the administrative, incidental and insurance fees for visiting graduate students. The department is, unfortunately, unable to provide support in finding housing or otherwise arranging your stay in Toronto, but we will arrange for a small office space, if available, within the department. In addition, as a visiting student, you will have access to the University's libraries and other services.

Please note that we do not permit "informal" arrangements to be made with individual faculty members: they cannot give you permission to audit classes, provide access to university libraries, or act as your research supervisor unless you come to the University through the IVGS program.