Doctoral Completion Award (DCA)


The DCA’s value for each student depends on the total allotment of funds received by the Department of East Asian Studies (EAS) and the number of applications for the award. The awards need not be of equal value for each student.


The spring adjudication is for domestic and international students who will be eligible for the award beginning in May of each year.

Applicants for the DCA must:

  • Be in good academic standing including having achieved candidacy and having satisfactory supervisory committee reports (must have met with supervisory committee within one year of the application deadline). The adjudicating committee may consult with your supervisor to verify information you submit on your application form.
  • No longer be receiving the normal funding package for PhD students in the sessions for which they are applying.
  • Not concurrently be holding a paid continuing professional position.
  • Be full-time PhD students who are within the time limit of their degree. All EAS PhD program requirements must be completed within six years from first enrolment (seven years for Direct Entry students). If you have interrupted your studies to take a leave of absence, the period in which you took a leave of absence will not be counted towards your years of study.


Awards will be adjudicated by the Associate Chair, Graduate and a subcommittee of two additional graduate faculty members. Award decisions will be based on academic merit, the likelihood that the award will allow the student to complete the program within the time limit of the degree, tuition fees (domestic or international), and other sources of financial support for the academic year (e.g. internal and external scholarships).


The completed application must be submitted to the department by the deadlline No late applications will be considered. In addition to the application form, you will also need to submit a CV, an ACORN academic history, and a one-page summary of your dissertation along with indications of your progress on each chapter.


Students will be informed of the results as soon as possible after the deadline. Recipients must submit an OSOTF form or OSAP assessment. The award will normally be paid in two equal installments, one in the Fall and one in the Winter. Payments are applied directly to student accounts and first to any outstanding balance.


Please note that you will not receive subsequent award payments after completing your degree requirements. If you complete your requirements in or before mid-September, such that you do not pay academic fees for that year, you will be deemed ineligible. If you complete your requirements in or before mid-January, such that you do not pay fees for that year's Winter term, you will not be eligible for the second installment of the award.