2022-2023 Graduate Courses

The below schedule is subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updates. The Department is planning to offer all courses in person. If the Faculty of Arts & Science shifts to online delivery for public health reasons, our graduate courses will also meet online during those times.

EAS students: Course enrolment begins on July 4, 2022.
Non-EAS students: Course enrolment for EAS graduate courses begins on August 2, 2022. Non-EAS students should enrol after seeking the professor’s permission by submitting a filled-in Add/Drop form to the EAS Department. 

2022-2023 Courses


  • EAS2020HF Critical Approaches to East Asia – Michelle Cho – EM 108 – Mondays 1-3 pm
  • EAS1152HF Chinese Poetry II – Graham Sanders – RL14228 – Thursdays 1-3 pm
  • EAS1182HF Writing as Technology in Modern China – Yurou Zhong – RL 14228 – Tuesdays 11 am-1 pm
  • EAS1336HF Memory, History, Trauma – Lisa Yoneyama – RL14228 – Wednesdays 3-5 pm
  • JLA5082HF The Rhetoric of Photography – Atsuko Sakaki –  NF – Tuesdays 10-12 am


  • EAS1426HS Subjectivity, Transition, Revolution – Ken Kawashima – RL14228 – Tuesdays 3-5 pm
  • EAS1541HS Comparative History of Reading in East Asia and Beyond – Nathan Vedal – RL 14228 – Thursdays 1-3 pm

Limited Spots

Limited spots in the courses below may be available to EAS students, but students must seek the permission of the professor to enrol and a form must be submitted by the end of August for Fall courses and the end of October for Winter courses. Please fill out a Request for Reading and/or Research Course form and see the room locations on the A&S Timetable:

Full Year

  • EAS1101Y1Y Classical Chinese I – Graham Sanders – Thursdays 9-11 am


  • EAS1102HF Classical Chinese II – Nathan Vedal – Thursdays 9-11 am


  • EAS1116HS Special Topics in Chinese Culture: Land – Meng Yue – Mondays 5-7 pm
  • EAS1300HS Special Topics in Japanese Studies: Japanese Emperors – Thomas Keirstead – Thursdays 11am-1 pm
  • EAS1411HS Art and Archeology of Early China – Chen Shen – Mondays 6-8 pm
  • EAS1412HS Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China  – Chen Shen – Mondays 3-5 pm
  • EAS1419HS Chinese Cultural Studies Seminar: May Fourth – Yurou Zhong – Wednesdays 2-4 pm
  • EAS1449HS Future, Architecture, Japan – Eric Cazdyn – Thursdays 3-5 pm
  • EAS1497HS Advanced Topics in East Asian Studies: Language, Number, Money – Ken Kawashima – Wednesdays 3-5 pm
  • EAS1542HS Introduction to Manchu Language and History – Nathan Vedal – Thursdays 9-11 am

Courses Offered by Other Departments

Please see the course offerings on the departments’ websites below that may be of interest, paying special attention to courses taught by faculty members from cognate departments who have EAS graduate status.

Language Courses

Graduate students enrol in the graduate course code, but meet with the undergraduate class. To request enrolment, please fill in the PDF iconLanguage Course Enrolment Form For Graduate Students and read the appropriate instructions on the Chinese, Korean or Japanese language pages. For graduate students, language courses are graded on a CR/NCR basis, with 70% needed to receive a Credit. Please see the FAS timetable for meeting times.

  • EAS1301Y (EAS120Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese I
  • EAS1321HS (EAS121H1S) Japanese I – Prior Background
  • EAS1302Y (EAS220Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese II
  • EAS1322HS (EAS221H1S) Japanese II – Prior Background
  • EAS1303Y (EAS320Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese III
  • EAS1305H (EAS461H1) Mod. Std. Japanese IVb
  • EAS1304H (EAS460H1) Mod. Std. Japanese IVa
  • EAS1621YY (EAS110Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean I
  • EAS1622YY (EAS210Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean II
  • EAS1631YY (EAS211Y1Y) Accelerated Mod. Korean I & II
  • EAS1632HS (EAS212H1S) Accelerated Mod. Korean II
  • EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
  • EAS1801YY (EAS100Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I
  • EAS1811YY (EAS101Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I – Prior Background
  • EAS1802YY (EAS200Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese II
  • EAS1803YY (EAS300Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese III
  • EAS1814H (EAS401H1) Mod. Std. Chinese IVa
  • EAS1815H (EAS402H1) Mod. Std. Chinese IVb