Japanese Course Enrolment Instructions

Enrolment Instructions for 2023 Academic Year (Last updated June 2023)

Important Notes:

  • You may not enrol in an EAS program on ACORN solely for the purpose of getting into a language course.
  • EAS120Y and EAS121H are not eligible for the CR/NCR option.
  • The department reserves the right to remove students from Japanese courses at any time of the academic year if it turns out they have intentionally underperformed their Japanese skills during the screening process.

The following two steps must be completed by August 13. Only waitlisted students who have completed these screening process steps may enrol in the course after August 13, 2023.  Failure to complete the following steps will result in removal from a course.

Step 1: Take the required Level Check A (link will go live on June 1, 2023). If Level Check A indicates that you must take the placement test, register for the placement test. Refer to the instructions for ‘Students with background’ below for the next steps.

Step 2: If Level Check A indicates you don’t have to take the placement test, enrol, or add yourself onto the waitlist for, EAS120Y1 and a tutorial section via ACORN.

Students with any background in Japanese must take one of the placement tests (June, August, or December) and receive a placement OR have the minimum grade in the prerequisite in the most recent academic year.

Minimum grade in the prerequisite:

  • EAS220Y: EAS120Y/EAS121H 67%
  • EAS320Y: EAS220Y/EAS221H 70%
  • EAS460H/EAS461H: EAS320Y 70%

If you have a placement or meet the prerequisite, you may enrol or add yourself onto the waitlist via ACORN.

If you do not have a placement or do not meet the prerequisite, you must take the following steps:

Step 1: Register for one of the placement tests. An online registration form will become available during the periods indicated below. 

Step 2: Once you register, you will receive a link to Level Check B which roughly indicates the level of the placement test you will be assigned. You may also be required to take Level Check C depending on your result of Level Check B. You must complete the Level Check(s) before the interview.

Step 3: Attend the pre-test interview & test and follow the instructions given with the results.

Note: Being placed in a course does not guarantee you a spot in the course. You may enrol or add yourself onto the waitlist via ACORN before you receive a placement. However, if you are not placed in the course you enrolled in or do not take the placement test, you will be removed from the course by the department. 

Placement Test Dates

June 2023: for all the Japanese courses

Note: Students who take the June Placement Test cannot take the August Test.

August 2023: for all the Japanese courses

Note: Students who take the June Placement Test cannot take the August Test.

  • Registration Period: August 1 – August 13
  • Pre-test Interview: August 22 & 23
  • Test: August 24

December 2023: for EAS121H, 221H, and 460H only

Note: Students who take the June/August Placement Test may take the December test.

  • Registration Period: November 13 – November 24
  • Pre-test Interview: December 5
  • Test: December 7

    Graduate Students

    Graduate students from within and outside the department who need knowledge of Japanese for their research may take a Japanese course with the approval of EAS. To request enrolment, please submit the PDF iconLanguage Course Add/Drop Request Form for Graduate Students and register for the placement interview. If placed in a course, you will be enrolled in a graduate course code though the credit does not normally count towards graduate programs. The course is graded as credit/non-credit (CR/NCR); 70% or above is required for a CR. Auditing is not an option.

    2023-2024 Syllabi 

    EAS120Y1Y Modern Standard Japanese I
    EAS121H1S Modern Standard Japanese I for Students with Prior Background
    EAS220Y1Y Modern Standard Japanese II
    EAS221H1S Modern Standard Japanese I for Students with Prior Background
    EAS320Y1Y Modern Standard Japanese III
    EAS461H1F Modern Standard Japanese IV-b
    EAS460H1S Modern Standard Japanese IV-a

    Japanese Language Program Coordinator

    Name: Professor Jotaro Arimori
    Office: RL 14-088
    Email Address: japanese@utoronto.ca