Chinese Course Enrolment Instructions 

The Chinese Language Program has two streams. Students who have no familiarity with Chinese will generally take: EAS100Y1, EAS200Y1, EAS300Y1, EAS401H1, EAS402H1 or EAS404H1. Students who are familiar with elementary Mandarin or any Chinese dialect because of their cultural or family background will generally take: EAS101Y1, EAS201H1 and/or EAS300Y1, EAS401H1, EAS402H1 or EAS404H1. Some students who have background in the language (e.g. attended elementary school in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan) will begin at a higher level and many students will be deemed overqualified for any Chinese language course. Students who attended an elementary school above grade 3 in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are not eligible for any of the Chinese language courses. If you are an EAS student and are already proficient in Chinese, you may take a waiver test in order to fulfill the language requirement.

Enrolment instructions for the 2022-2023 academic year will be posted here when the 2022-2023 Arts & Science Timetable is released in the spring. Students hoping to take a Chinese language course in 2022-2023 who are not currently taking a Chinese language course must attend a placement interview in the summer. Students who are placed in a course may enrol in the course in which they were placed on ACORN during the enrolment period. Students who have the prerequisite can enrol on ACORN without attending an interview.

Upcoming Placement Interviews

Placement interviews for current students:
July 7 - To register for these interviews, submit the Chinese Interview Form by June 30. The interviews will take place online. 

Placement interviews for students entering U of T in September 2022: 
July 18/19
 - To register for these interviews, submit the Chinese Interview Form by July 11. The interviews will take place online. 

Graduate Students

Graduate students from within and outside the department who need knowledge of Chinese for their research may take a Chinese course with the approval of EAS. To request enrolment, please email and register for the placement interview. 

Questions? Please email

Chinese Language Program Coordinator

Name: Professor Hsiao-wei Rupprecht
Office: RL 14-213
Email Address: