Speaking Out: Issues and Controversies 各抒己见

Speaking Out: Issues and Controversies 各抒己见 is an advanced Chinese language textbook that explores topics such as human nature, moral values, mass consumption, Western influences, and technological innovation. In presenting subjects that reflect major concerns in contemporary China, the book invites students to reflect upon the forces shaping modern Chinese society.

This textbook presents ten lessons in five units entitled "Constancy and Change," "Joy and Sorrow," "Right and Wrong," "Chinese Tradition and Western Influence," and "New and Old." These pairs of opposites conjure up an ever-changing world of ebb and flow, a world that stimulates learners’ imaginations and arouses their enthusiasm for open dialogue and lively discussion.

Concise in language and with lessons in both simplified and traditional characters, the textbook is a valuable aid for university students interested in passing the HSK Level VI or attaining ACTFL advanced-level proficiency. Accompanying audio recordings can be found online.

The summary above and the book cover's image on the right are courtesy of Routledge.


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