K-LangLink Event Recap: Celebrating Korean Language and Culture

May 2, 2024 by Tiffany Wong



On February 24, the University of Toronto's K-LangLink event brought together 25 undergraduate students from the EAS Korean language program and hosted a visit from 22 high school students from Father Michael Goetz Secondary School. Organized by EAS Assistant Professor Yujeong Choi and a dedicated team of faculty, staff, volunteers and undergraduate students passionate about promoting Korean language and culture, the event offered a day filled with immersive activities and meaningful connections.

Guided Library Tour of the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library  

Led by Hana Kim, East Asian Director, and Julia Chun, Korean Studies Librarian, the high school students had the opportunity to explore the collection and services offered at the University of Toronto’s Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, home to the largest and oldest research collection for Korean studies in Canada. Through this experience, they gained valuable insights into the breadth and depth of resources available for research and learning. 

Learning the Art of Kimbap Making and Korean Culinary Traditions 

Volunteers from the Korean Outreach Volunteer Association (KOVA) showcased the art of making kimbap. Through the process of preparing kimbap, students explored the cultural significance of ingredients, techniques, and traditions embedded within Korean cuisine. This hands-on experience provided them with a tangible connection to Korean culture, enhancing their appreciation for the language and traditions associated with it. 

Exploring the East Asian Studies Program and Korean Language Courses 

YuJeong Choi, EAS Assistant Professor Teaching Stream, presented the East Asian Studies program and Korean language courses. Her insightful presentation highlighted the diverse academic and professional opportunities available to students interested in fields related to East Asian culture, language, and society. 

The event was made memorable by the heartfelt testimonials shared by the participants, highlighting the transformative impact of language learning and the strong sense of community cultivated within the program.  

“Hearing the undergraduate students’ experiences and the different courses motivated me to continue learning Korean,” shared a high school student from Father Michael Goetz Secondary School. Reflecting on the event, another high school student added, “I gained valuable experience and loved it because I learned about many different things you can do with Korean.” 

One undergraduate student found the exploration of the EAS department at the University of Toronto to be an enriching experience. They shared, “Even though I have been studying at U of T, I didn’t really know a lot about the EAS department. So it was fun getting to know more about the EAS department through touring the library and experience sharing.” Another undergraduate student also quoted, “It gave me a new perspective on learning Korean and also attending U of T, as I think it's easy to get swamped by the work at university, but this event gave me a chance to reflect on my time studying Korean and getting the amazing opportunities I have at U of T.” 

The Department of East Asian Studies extends sincere gratitude to the Korean Outreach Volunteer Association (KOVA), the University of Toronto Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, and Father Michael Goetz Secondary School for their invaluable support and dedication in making the K-LangLink event a resounding success. Together, they played a crucial role in deepening students' interest in Korean language and culture, while fostering meaningful connections. 

Stay tuned for future opportunities to explore Korean language and culture at the University of Toronto!