"Unlearning the Blindspot"

Shifter 24: Learning and Unlearning

Professor Cazdyn has an article titled "Unlearning the Blindspot" in Shifter magazine's Learning and Unlearning issue. The issue's summary below and front cover on the right are courtesy of Shifter.

In Learning and Unlearning, which began as a series of discussions held from 2017-19, we ask questions about world-making. By unlearning our relationship to the places and temporalities we occupy, can we learn new ways of inhabiting the world? And by reconsidering our relation to work and well-being, can we find new ways to see, feel and understand the world? This recalibration of how we see the world and consequently how we live our lives is the central concern of the artists, educators and thinkers whose writings follow.

Unlearning, for us, is not a reactionary opposition to intellectualism and the academy. While learning is a broad category that includes the basic transmission of information and skills, we use the word unlearning to describe approaches to learning that bring into question the norms that structure learning itself. It is to fundamentally rethink, and thus transform, how we critically engage with the world while remaining open to the differences that shape it. Unlearning is to question not only what must be learned, but also how and from whom.



  • Avi Alpert
  • Sreshta Rit Premnath

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