"Project-Based Learning in Korean as Foreign Language: A study on the production of book trailer and learners' responses"

Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language

The technological advances and ubiquitous use of Internet-access devices in recent years are changing the trajectory of language learning. Combining technology and project-based learning as a teaching method can help students gain knowledge and develop skills that help them solve problems and become responsible and autonomous in their learning. The development and sharing of project-based activities for classroom use is now becoming an important issue. In response to the need, this paper introduces the phases of planning and implementing a book trailer activity as an instruction model as part of the curriculum for use in an advanced Korean language class. A book trailer is a video that introduces a book and used in the classroom can help students exercise language, interaction, and complex thinking skills. Through the project learners highlight the story using their imaginations in a persuasive manner. The paper also discusses the results of implementation of the activity with learner responses on the benefits of the project. The results of the learners' responses suggest that after this activity they better understood the content of the books, felt more confident in reading Korean literature, and were able to understand new vocabulary and grammar in the context.

The abstract above is courtesy of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language via ResearchGate.