Frontières de l’art, frontières de l’esthétique


"Frontier of art, frontier of aesthetics" under the direction of Yolaine Escande and Johanna Liu.

Nothing is more uncertain and fluctuating than the fields of "art", what can be qualified as "art" or "non art"? What is the mechanism that drives creation? How does it operate? By what criteria can we classify works in a museum? What are the register of values ​​invoked to appreciate an art or a work? How do different forms of art or cultural activities interact with each other, etc? These are the questions to which this work tries to answer, from an anthropological and aesthetic approach, by calling on specialists in philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, musicology, poetry,both Chinese and Western visual arts: Vincent Shen; Jean Marie Schaeffer, Nathalie Heinich, Christophe Chang, Esteban Buch, Tsain Ming che; Lin Chi Ming, Johanna Lui and Yolaine Escande.

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