Qi Hong

PhD Student


Areas of Interest

  • Early 20th century Chinese literature and culture 
  • Media studies 
  • History of science and technology 
  • East Asian popular culture and digital infrastructure

Working Dissertation


Yurou Zhong


Qi HONG is a doctoral student of modern Chinese literature and media culture. Their overall research interest covers the infrastructures and technologies that condition the production and communication of information, as well as the mutation of such processes. Fascinated by the dialectical relationship between the human imagination of technology and their living world that has been fundamentally technologized, Qi is now working on the textual and visual culture related to science and technology in Republican China. Moreover, Qi is keen on writing about contemporary East Asian popular culture and media technology as both showcase symptoms of (de)globalization and digitalization. 

Prior to graduate school, Qi worked as a freelance translator-interpreter in Beijing, China. 


M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University
B.A. in English Language and Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University