Narration on Japanese Media

When and Where

Friday, February 11, 2022 10:00 am to 11:30 am


Learning about Narration on Japanese Media 
February 11, 2022 
Please join us on Zoom for a lecture on narration on Japanese media. 
If you enjoy Japanese TV shows and/or anime, or if you simply like watching TV, you may have questions about what it is like to work using your own voice! What are differences among voice actors, narrators, and news anchors? What is it like to be a narrator or voice actor?  Do they speak differently? What is the role of narration on Japanese TV program? Are there any similarities or dissimilarities between Japanese TV narrations and those in your country? Here is a place to learn more about the narration on Japanese media.  
Time: 10:00-11:30 am (EST) 
*The zoom link will be sent to those who registered on Thursday, February 10. 
Guest Speakers:  
Mr. Toru Yoshimura (President, School Birds) and Mr. Yuuki Matsuda (Voice Actor/Narrator) 
The lecture will focus on the following topics: 
1) “Peculiarity of Japanese Narration” by Mr. Yoshimura 
2) “Voice Actors and Narrators are Different” by Mr. Matsuda 
*No experience in learning Japanese language is required! The lecture will be given both in English and Japanese (with interpretation). Everyone in the UofT community is welcome! 
Registration Link:   
*Please register by Wednesday, February 9, 2021 
WORKSHOP: Let’s Learn Japanese from a Professional Narrator! 
There will be three workshops with different activities on the same as the lecture. You can receive speaking instruction from a professional narrator in Japan!  
In each workshop, you will learn how to speak so that you can accurately convey your message to the listener through experiencing the work of a broadcaster or a narrator. 
If you want to learn some speaking tips and improve your pronunciation and intonation for more effective communication, please choose one of the workshops and register as soon as possible! 
*Suitable for learners of all levels. We prepare materials for each level.  
Read the workshop outlines below and register for the one that interests you. 
Workshop 1:  5 Tips to become a broadcaster 
Instructor: Ms. Natsuko Sumiya (broadcaster/narrator) 
The goal of this workshop is to learn to speak Japanese with natural intonation. Are there any tips for speaking like that? What are the factors that determine the impression you make on your audience when you speak? In this workshop, you will experience how an NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) broadcaster speaks and learn 5 tips to be able to speak in a way that accurately conveys what is being said! You will read news scripts integrating the tips you learned and aim to be able to speak with more natural intonation. 
Workshop 2: Let’s talk about Japanese Culture  
Instructor: Ms. Izumi Meguro (narrator) 
In this workshop, you will learn not only about how to read and speak in a smooth manner but also about Japanese culture. You will watch the narration videos about Japanese local events, and then discuss what impression the event will give to the audience depending on how you read the scripts. Lastly, you will read the script and present the local event as you would like to tell it. 
Workshop 3: Creating a University PR Video 
Instructor: Mr. Yuuki Matsuda (voice actor/narrator) 
Would like to become a Japanese narrator? In this workshop, you will learn how to speak and express yourself in Japanese while feeling as if you were a professional narrator! Prior to the workshop, you will practice the scripts provided and create your own PR video by adding your narration to an already existing PR video. During the workshop, we enjoy watching the videos together, and each of you will be given feedback and advice on Japanese pronunciation and expression.  With further practice, you will be able t create an even better UofT’s PR video! 
Participation requirements: 
1) You attend the lecture held on the same morning. [mandatory] 
2) You have a suitable device (preferably a computer) with a video camera and a microphone to participate actively in the activities. The camera must be always turned on during the workshop. 
3) You have a stable internet connection. 
4) You practice a given scripts and prepare yourself well prior to the workshop. 
Registration Link: 
*Please register by Tuesday, February 8, 2022 
*Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. First-come, first-served.  

Organized by Japanese Language Program, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto 
Supported by The Japan Foundation 
Contact: Yukiko Yoshizumi, 

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