EAS Career Night

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

EAS Purple Lounge


EAS Career Night

Come listen to five of our alumni talk about their careers and network with them! Guest alumni who will attend the panel include: Bryan Asa, Sarah Crawley, Allan Ikesaka, Kara Ma and Ikumi Yoshida (See bottom of this page for their profiles).

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Panel Speakers

Bryan Asa

Bryan is currently the general manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc. Prior to this position, he held managerial positions in the fields of digital imaging at Sanyo Canada Inc., and was the president of Japan Camera Centre from 2004 to 2005.

Sarah Crawley

While pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Communication, Sarah is also working as a self-employed artist. She combines her artistic talent with the knowledge she acquired from her disciplines to create illustrations of medical models. She has also produced various commissioned work for journals, magazines and events.

Allan Ikesaka

Allan is an experienced Japanese-to-English translator. He has translated various forms of text, from financial statements to websites. He also has overseas experience, having worked in Tokyo and Chiba as an English conversation teacher for 17 years.

Kara Ma

Kara currently works at the Royal Ontario Museum as an Assistant Technician. She manages both the East Asian and South Asian collections, overseeing the day-to-day maintenance of the storage area, as well as acquisitions, gallery rotations, and exhibition planning and loans. She has also worked on several projects processing digital images and research data for artifacts. Her area of focus is world art and culture, and she has been working closely with Professor Chen Shen to uncover the history of objects from the ROM’s collection.

Ikumi Yoshida

Ikumi is a freelance translator with a vast background in research, teaching and writing in Japanese, as well as film producing. She has translated materials for media sources such as CBC and Cineplex, as well as academic materials for University of Toronto and Dr. Alison Syme’s book, Willow. Looking forward, Ikumi is also aiming to pursue a job as a speech therapist.

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