Language Citation

Language Citation

The Department of East Asian Studies participates in the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Language Citation initiative for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The study of any of these
languages is a challenging and time consuming endeavour, which offers rich rewards for students interested in the cultures, societies, and economies of East Asia.

In each language the Language Citation recognizes a significant level of achievement in language study with a high level of academic success. The language citation will consist of a notation on the transcript that reads: “Completed Requirements of Language Citation in [name of language].”

The Citation in Chinese is available to students who earn a grade of at least B- in EAS 200Y1 or EAS201Y1 and EAS300Y1. The Citation in Japanese is available to students who earn a grade of at least B- in EAS220Y1 and EAS 320Y1. The citation in Korean is available to students who earn a B- in EAS210Y1 and EAS310Y1.

Students should note that the Language Citation is not equivalent to an academic program and that enrolment in a program is not necessary in order to earn the recognition
bestowed by the Citation. If you believe that have met the requirements of the Citation and would like to request that the notation be added to your transcript, please email Natasja VanderBerg. Please include your student number and a list of language courses you have taken in your email.



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