Choosing an EAS Subject POSt (Undergraduate)

Choosing an EAS Subject POSt (Undergraduate)

The Department of East Asian Studies offers an in-depth and wide-ranging series of courses dealing with the history, culture, and language of pre-modern, modern, and contemporary East Asia. Our program enables students to develop a necessary understanding of China, Japan and Korea as cultures and societies of global importance.

East Asian Studies (specialist, major and minor options)


EAS 103H1 – Premodern East Asia
EAS 105H1 – Modern East Asia
EAS 100Y1 – Modern Standard Chinese I
EAS 101Y1 – Modern Chinese for Students with Prior Background
EAS 110Y1 – Modern Standard Korean I
EAS 120Y1 – Modern Standard Japanese I
EAS 121H1 – Modern Japanese for Students with Prior Background


Students who wish to pursue the specialist, major or minor programs in East Asian Studies are required to take EAS 103H1 and EAS 105H1. All students interested in East Asian studies programs are encouraged to begin, as early as possible, the study of Chinese, Japanese or Korean. No language course is required for the minor program.


Students who pursue a degree related to East Asia will be rewarded with knowledge, skill, and critical appreciation of the value of the languages, cultures, and socio-economic and political impact of the region. Some of our graduates work in government, business education and the legal field. A specialist or major program will serve as a foundation for graduate studies that lead toward careers in higher education and academic research.

Possible career options include:
• Education
• Research
• Arts and Culture
• Media
• International development
• International trade
policy and research
• Work in Foreign Service and non-governmental organizations
• Law

A career in any of the fields above may require additional technical training, graduate education and /or experience beyond the undergraduate level. Students are advised to use the resources offered by the University of Toronto’s Career Centre.


Students who wish to minor, major or specialize in East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto should apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science, either the Humanities or Social Sciences admission categories on the St. George campus, for which six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required. Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits. To apply, follow the instructions found on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.