EAS Students Learn to STEP Forward at Re-Orientation Event


The East Asian Studies Department and the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library successfully concluded the STEP Forward: Re-Orientation event of 2017.

The panel began with an introduction by Professor Andre Schmid, the Chair of East Asian Studies. Professor Schmid provided insights into the program of East Asian Studies, and warmly welcomed our first- and second-year students who declared EAS as their program of study. Following Professor Schmid, Professor Linda Feng, the Undergraduate Coordinator, Librarian Helen Tang, and the Program Administrator, Mary MacDonell, each gave an introduction of their respective positions and explained how they can assist the newly registered students in making their study at the EAS department successful.

The East Asian Studies Students Union (EASSU) was next to greet the students. As upper years, they also helped provide advice and personal anecdotes regarding aspects of the EAS program, as well as studying abroad in East Asia, that they have found to be memorable, useful, or interesting.

After EASSU, EAS faculty members were asked to share their wisdom with the young EAS enthusiasts. Professor Ken Kawashima, Professor Graham Sanders, and Professor Ikuko Komuro-Lee were asked several questions regarding their careers in the EAS department, their own motivations for studying East Asia, and what one should aim for in order to succeed in this program.

Lastly, before food and socializing, students from the EAS graduate program spoke about their learning and research within the field of East Asian Studies, and their own journeys on getting there.

We would like to thank all those that attended the event, and the panelists for providing insight into the program of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto to our first- and second-years.

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