Liu, Johanna

Professor Johanna Liu. Johanna Liu
(Ph.D., Universite Catholique de Louvain)

Department of East Asian Studies
Office Location: Robarts Library #14231 (14th Floor)
Office Phone: 416-978-5928
E-mail: johanna[dot]liu[at]utoronto[dot]ca

Johanna Liu’s main research interests are in the areas of Philosophical Aesthetics in China and the West, Philosophy of Art, Chinese Art Theories and Literary Criticism, Modern Taiwanese Literature, Modern Chinese Prose. Her current research project focuses on the interaction of text and image in Chinese Aesthetics, the sentiment of idleness in Chinese literati art theories, image as a way of cultural transmission in art and aesthetics.

Academic Background:

  • PhD, Institut Superieur de la Philosophie, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgique.
  • MA, Institut Superieur de Philosophie, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgique
  • MA, Graduate School of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
  • BA, Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University

Major Publications:


  • Culture du loisir, art et esthétique, co-edited with Yolaine Escande, Paris (2011, forthcoming)
  • Frontières de l’art, frontières de l’esthétique, co-edited with Yolaine Escande, Paris (2008)
  • Musique et herméneutique. Etude sur le sens du langage musical, Taipei (2001)
  • Difference and Praxis – A Study of Contemporary Philosophy of Art, Taipei, (2001)
  • Aesthetics and Art, Taipei (2000)


  • Special issues, co-edited with Yolaine Escande, in Universitas, A Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture (A&HCI listed): Special Issues:Leisure Culture, Philosophy and Aesthetics (09 2010); Identity, Aesthetics, and Literary Interpretation (03 2010);Encounter in Aesthetics, East and West (10 2009);Text and Image in Movement (11 2007); Boundaries of Art and Boundaries of Aesthetics (12 2006).
  • Special Issue: Language,Rationality and Hope, Universitas, co-edited with Vincent Shen (12 2008)

Recent Articles:

  • “Transmission/Transcription and Authenticity – An Aesthetic Problematic of Image in Chinese visual Art”, in New Vision of Chinese Philosophy, edited by Wang Wensheng.  (forthcoming)
  • “Image and Art in the Missionary Works of Early Jesuits in Late Ming and Early Qing”, in Universitas. (forthcoming)
  • “Allegory of Banality and Leisure: Aesthetics of Literati Prose Writing in Late Ming” in Universitas n° 436. (09 2010)
  • “Aesthetic Difference and Literary Identity: An Aesthetic Reading of Contemporary Chinese Prose Writing,” in Universitas n° 430. (03 2010)
  • “Rhétorique et compréhension.  Sur les frontieres esthétique de  l’écriture de la prose chinoise” in Frontières de l’art, frontières de l’esthétique, ( Paris, 2008)
  • “Music [Yue] in Classical Confucianism: On the Recent Discovered Xing Zi Ming Chu,” in Confucian Ethics in Retrospect and Prospect. (2008)
  • “Category and Art-field: Re-thinking the Aesthetic-Art Value of ‘Chinese Literati Painting’,” in Universitas n°410. (07 008).
  • “Poïesis et quotidienneté : une lecture de la prose chinoise contemporaine,” in Le Nouveau recueil  n°75 (Paris, 2005).

Courses Taught:

  • EAS309H Modern Chinese Prose
  • EAS408H Modern Taiwan Literature
  • EAS418H Chinese Art Theories
  • EAS1418H Identity and Diaspora in Taiwan Literature
  • EAS1229H Topics in Chinese Aesthetics
  • EAS1339H Topicss in Chinese Art Theories