Rupprecht, Hsiao-wei

Hsiao-wei Wang Rupprecht Professor Hsiao-wei Rupprecht.
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Chinese Language Program Coordinator
Department of East Asian Studies
Office Location: Robarts Library #14213 (14th Floor)
Office Phone: 416-946-5101
E-mail: hsiaowei[dot]rupprecht[at]utoronto[dot]ca

I have taught Chinese language and literature in North America, Germany, China and Taiwan for more than twenty years. I am interested in the following topics: bringing contemporary Chinese fiction and film into the Chinese language classroom; technology in Chinese language instruction and learning; modern Chinese literature.  Currently, I am working on an advanced reader of Chinese argumentative essays.

Academic Background:

  • MA and PhD, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • M.A., School of Library and Information Studies, University of Iowa
  • B.A. Dept. of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Iowa

Major Publications:

  • Language through Literature: An Advanced Reader of Contemporary Chinese Short-short Stories. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2010.
  • Departure and Return: Chang Hen-shui and the Chinese Narrative Tradition. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Company, 1988.


  • EAS100Y Modern Standard Chinese I
  • EAS101Y Modern Standard Chinese I for Students with Prior Background
  • EAS200Y Modern Standard Chinese II
  • EAS400Y Modern Standard Chinese IV

Professor Rupprecht’s headshot is courtesy of Lisa Sakulensky.