Sanders, Graham

Graham Sanders Professor Graham Sanders.
(Ph.D., Harvard University)       

Associate Professor
Department of East Asian Studies
Office Location: Robarts Library #14366 (14th floor)
E-mail: graham[dot]sanders[at]utoronto[dot]ca

I am fascinated with the portrayal in narrative of the composition
performance and reception of poetry in pre-modern China as a way of enriching our understanding of how poetic practice was envisioned in the Chinese tradition. In my research, I range from the pre-Qin through the Tang dynasties and I am currently working on a multi-year project on the poetry and life of a Tang poet named Meng Jiao
孟郊 (751-814), which will result in a website devoted to his work. I also enjoy translation and have published a new edition of Shen Fu’s 沈復 (b. 1763) Six Records of a Life Adrift 浮生六記 (2011). I am currently working on a combined translation project of the two most important Tang dynasty collections of anecdotes on poetry: Friendly Conversations at Misty Brook 雲谿友議, compiled by Fan Shu 范攄 (fl. 877); and Storied Poems 本事詩, compiled by Meng Qi (fl. 841-886). These bilingual translations have been commissioned by De Gruyter to be part of their forthcoming twenty-volume Library of Chinese Humanities. I teach classical Chinese language, and literature survey courses from the pre-Qin through the Qing eras at the undergraduate level, and more specialized courses in pre-Tang and Tang literature at the graduate level.

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D. (1996) in East Asian Language and Civilizations, Harvard University.
  • Mellon Fellow (1990-1996)
  • B.A. (1990) in Chinese Studies, University of Toronto.

Major Publications:


  • Classical Chinese I
  • Chinese Lit. I: Pre-Qin to Tang
  • Chinese Lit. II: Song-Qing
  • Chinese Poetry I
  • Chinese Poetry II
  • Approaches to East Asia
  • Beyond Orientalism

Professor Sanders’ headshot is courtesy of Lisa Sakulensky.