New Book by Yurou Zhong: “Chinese Grammatology: Script Revolution and Literary Modernity, 1916–1958”

yurouWe are excited to announce that Professor Yurou Zhong,
who teaches Chinese culture and literature, has released
her first book: Chinese Grammatology: Script Revolution and Literary Modernity, 1916–1958.

The book was published on November 12, 2019 by Columbia University Press. Chinese Grammatology is a groundbreaking work that brings together the history of writing, literature, and cultural modernity in China and beyond.

(Photo courtesy of Columbia University Press.)

“I have mostly been interested in and consumed by this curious thing called modern Chinese script revolution – the movements at the turn of the twentieth century to eliminate Chinese characters and implement a Roman-Latin alphabet – and its impact on Chinese writing, literature, and culture. I want the readers to join me in working through a series of puzzles triggered by the script revolution: Why did it happen? How did it unfold? Why was it contained? Together we will make sense of the intertwining of script and literature, writing and politics in modern China as an encounter between alphabetic and non-alphabetic writings and worlds.” – Yurou Zhong

Please see below for a full summary of the book and a coupon code:



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