Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Arts & Science Scholarships

There are several miscellaneous in-course scholarships for which undergraduate students may be eligible. Except for the following six scholarships, students should be advised that applications are not necessary. Students will be awarded based on their eligibility under each scholarship’s criteria.

Ting Fang Chung Scholarship
Reverend Doctor James Scarth Gale Scholarship
Ross H. Macdonald Scholarship
Okamatsu Japanese Book Award
Chizuru Suzuki Memorial Scholarship in Japanese Literature and Japanese Studies
Andrew Tsang Memorial Scholarship in Sino-Canadian Studies

Additional information on scholarships is available on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

Deadline of Arts & Science scholarships: April 1 of each year. See the above links for details for each scholarship.

External Scholarships

The Association of Asian Studies (AAS) – The Association of Asian Studies is a non-profit professional association that aims to provide support to all individuals who pursue a study in Asian-related fields. There are a variety of grants and prizes provided through the association. Students who are interested in becoming one of the members of AAS can check out their page.

Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program (application closed for the 2017-2018 academic year; please use the information below as reference for any future application) – This is an exchange program for students who are interested in study in subject areas related to China in a participating Chinese institution. The scholarship is available for a period of 4 to 12 months. For more information, visit the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program website.

Dr. David Chu Scholarship in Asia-Pacific Studies – This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students who are applying for this scholarship should be pursuing research related to the Asia-Pacific region. Please visit the scholarship’s website for more information.

International Cultural Exchange Program of the Japan Foundation – Individuals or organizations that are involved in an international exchange under one of the programs of the Japan Foundation may be eligible for grant or scholarship in support of their research and study. The five programs are outlined below:

  • Art and Cultural Exchange
  • Japanese-Language Education Overseas
  • Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange
  • Strengthening Cultural Exchange in Asia
  • Other

More information can be found by visiting the Japan Foundation’s website.

Japan’s Ministry of Education scholarship – Students who wish to study in Japan might also consider the scholarship under the Japanese Government. There are seven types of scholarship available for students across various educational levels. Students are eligible to apply if they meet one of the following criteria below:

  • Recommended by a Japanese embassy or consulate general (Embassy Recommendation).
  • Recommended by the Japanese university which will accept you (University Recommendation).
  • Selected by the Japanese university in which you are currently enrolled if you are a privately-financed student already studying in Japan (Domestic Selection).For undergraduate study, the scholarship stipend is around ¥117,000~120,000/month and roundtrip air tickets are also provided.

For undergraduate study, the scholarship stipend is around ¥117,000~120,000/month and round trip air tickets are also provided. Specific examinations might be required to take for the Embassy recommendation. To check out more information on which scholarship applies to you and practice the past examinations, visit the scholarship’s website.

Korean-Canada Scholarship Foundation (General Scholarship) – This scholarship is given to students who are in their 2nd or higher year of post-secondary studies related to Korea. The goal of this scholarship is to award and support students who make contribution on promoting the Korean-Canadian community. Evaluation will be based on applicants’ academic performance, extra-curriculum activities and future aspiration. An online application is available.

Scholarship from the Government of Japan – Every year, the Government of Japan offers three types of scholarships for Canadian students who wish to study and conduct research in Japan.

  1. Japanese Study Student
  2. Research Student
  3. Undergraduate Student

The scholarship covers full tuition, monthly allowance as well as round-trip flight between Canada and Japan.

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to apply.

For more information about the application process, visit the website of the Government of Japan.