Graduate Courses 2017-2018

Graduate Courses 2017-2018

The below schedule is subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updates.
Course descriptions are available for the courses with links. Course enrolment for EAS graduate courses begins on August 1, 2017.

Fall Courses
EAS2020HF Critical Approaches to East Asia – Kawashima, K. – RL14228 – Wednesdays 3-5 pm
EAS1130HF China’s Cultural Revolution – Wu, Y. – RL14228 – Mondays 1-3 pm
EAS1176HF Comparative Historical Socialisms in East Asia and Beyond – Schmid, A. – RL14228 – Tuesdays, 2-4 pm
EAS1182HF Writing as Technology in Modern China – Zhong, Y. – RL14228 – Wednesdays, 10am-noon
EAS1229HF Topics in Chinese Aesthetics  – Liu, J. – RL14228 – Thursdays 10-12
COL5101H1F Diasporic Cities – Sakaki, A. – BT319 – Thursdays, 10-12

Winter Courses
EAS1143HS Topics in Medieval China – Feng, L. – RL14228– Thursdays 1-3 pm
EAS1180HS Ecological Critique – Meng, Y. – RL14228– Tuesdays 3-5 pm
EAS1436HS Rethinking Realism in 20th Century Korea – Poole, J. – RL14228– Wednesdays 11am-1pm
EAS1538HS Writing Women in Premodern China – Sanders, G. – RL14228– Thursdays 3-5 pm

Limited spots in the below courses are available to EAS students, but students must seek the permission of the professor to enrol (please fill out a Request for Reading and/or Research Course form, and see the class schedule/location on the A&S Timetable):

Fall Courses
EAS1407HF Textual Analysis of Classical Chinese Philosophy – Shen, V.
EAS1408HF Identity and Diaspora in Taiwanese Literature – Liu, J.
EAS1449HF Future, Architecture, Japan – Cazdyn, E.

Winter Courses
EAS1412HS Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China – Shen, C.
EAS1419HS Chinese Cultural Studies Seminar: May Fourth – Zhong, Y.
Course code TBA Sound Studies and Modern Japan  – Kawashima, K.

Language Courses
Graduate students enrol in the graduate course code, but meet with the undergraduate class. To request enrolment, please fill in this form and read the appropriate instructions on the Languages >> Chinese, Korean or Japanese pages on this site. For graduate students, language courses are graded on a CR/NCR basis, with 70% needed to receive a Credit. Please see the FAS timetable for meeting times.

EAS1301Y (EAS120Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese I
EAS1321HS (EAS121H1S) Japanese I – Prior Background
EAS1302Y (EAS220Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese II
EAS1322HS (EAS221H1S) Japanese II – Prior Background
EAS1303Y (EAS320Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese III
EAS1305HF (EAS461H1F) Mod. Std. Japanese IVb
EAS1621YY (EAS110Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean I
EAS1622YY (EAS210Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean II
EAS1631YY (EAS211Y1Y) Accelerated Mod. Korean I & II
EAS1632HS (EAS212H1S) Accelerated Mod. Korean II
EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
EAS1624YY (EAS410Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean IV
EAS1801YY (EAS100Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I
EAS1811YY (EAS101Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I – Prior Background
EAS1802YY (EAS200Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese II
EAS1803YY (EAS300Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese III
EAS1814HS (EAS401H1S) Mod. Std. Chinese IVa
EAS1815HS (EAS402H1S) Mod. Std. Chinese IVb