Graduate Courses 2020-2021

Graduate Courses 2020-2021

The below schedule is subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updates.

EAS students: Course enrolment for EAS graduate courses begins on July 20, 2020.
Non EAS students: Course enrolment for EAS graduate courses begins on August 4, 2020. Non-EAS students should enrol after seeking the professor’s permission by submitting a filled-in Add/Drop form to

**Please note that these times are subject to change.

EAS2020HF Critical Approaches to East Asia – Feng, L. – Online Synchronous– Wednesdays 7-9 pm
EAS1176HF Comparative and Historical Socialisms – Wu, Y. – Online Synchronous– Mondays 9-11 am (note time change)
EAS1335HF Violence, Justice, the Human – Yoneyama, L – Online Synchronous–Thursdays 8-10 pm
EAS1445HF On the “Organic”: Land and Labour Power – Kawashima, K – Online Synchronous– Tuesdays 3-5 pm
COL5101HF Diasporic Cities – A. Sakaki 


**Please note that these times are subject to change.

EAS1177HS Modern Chinese Culture in Global History – Meng, Y –  Tuesdays 7 –9 pm
EAS1339HS Topics in Chinese Art Theories – Liu, J – Thursdays 9 am – 11 am
EAS1478HS Asian Media Arts & Screen Cultures – Cho, M – Wednesdays 1-3 pm

Courses offered by other departments that might be of interest 

Please see the course offerings on the departments’ websites, paying special attention to courses taught by faculty members from cognate departments who have EAS graduate status.

Course offerings:
Art History
Comparative Literature

Political Science

Limited spots in the below courses are available to EAS students, but students must seek the permission of the professor to enrol and form must be submitted by the end of August for Fall courses and the end of October for Winter courses 
(please fill out a Request for Reading and/or Research Course form, and see the class schedule/location on the A&S Timetable):

EAS1444HF The City, Body, and Text in Modern Japanese Literature – Sakaki, A

EAS1412HS Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China – Shen, C
EAS1420HS Travels, Travelers, and Travel Accounts in East Asia – Feng, L
EAS1421HS History of the Chinese Book – Goodman, A
EAS1442HS The Global Bildungsroman: Narratives of Development, Time, and Colonialism – Poole, J

Language Courses

Graduate students enrol in the graduate course code, but meet with the undergraduate class. To request enrolment, please fill in the Language Course Enrolment Form For Graduate Students and read the appropriate instructions on our Chinese, Korean, or Japanese pages. For graduate students, language courses are graded on a CR/NCR basis, with 70% needed to receive a Credit. Please see the A&S timetable for meeting times.

EAS1301Y (EAS120Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese I
EAS1321HS (EAS121H1S) Japanese I – Prior Background
EAS1302Y (EAS220Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese II
EAS1322HS (EAS221H1S) Japanese II – Prior Background
EAS1303Y (EAS320Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese III
EAS1305HF (EAS461H1F) Mod. Std. Japanese IVb
EAS1304HS (EAS460H1S) Mod. Std. Japanese IVa
EAS1621YY (EAS110Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean I
EAS1622YY (EAS210Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean II
EAS1631YY (EAS211Y1Y) Accelerated Mod. Korean I & II
EAS1632HS (EAS212H1S) Accelerated Mod. Korean II
EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
EAS1801YY (EAS100Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I
EAS1811YY (EAS101Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I – Prior Background
EAS1802YY (EAS200Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese II
EAS1803YY (EAS300Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese III
EAS1814HF (EAS401H1F) Mod. Std. Chinese IVa
EAS1815HS (EAS402H1S) Mod. Std. Chinese IVb