Graduate Courses 2015-2016

Graduate Courses to be Offered in 2015-2016

Course descriptions are available for the courses with links.

Fall Courses
EAS1176H Comparative Historical Socialisms in East Asia and Beyond  – Schmid, A. – RL14353 – Mondays 10 am – 1 pm
EAS1130HF China’s Cultural Revolution: Critical and Historical Studies – Wu, Y. – RL14353 – Mondays 2 – 4 pm
JLA5082HF The Rhetoric of Photography – Sakaki, A – Isabel Bader Theatre 319 – Tuesdays 10 am – noon
EAS1435HF Crisis, Repetition and History – Kawashima, K. – RL14353 – Tuesdays 4-6 pm
EAS2020HF Critical Approaches to East Asia – Meng, Y. – RL14353 – Tuesdays 7-9 pm
EAS1152HF Chinese Poetry II – Sanders, G. – LA341 – Thursdays 10 am – noon
EAS1101YY (full year) Introduction to Classical Chinese – Sanders, G – LA211 – Fridays 1-3

Winter Courses
EAS1345HS Readings in Japanese Literary CriticismSakaki, A – RL14353 – Monday 3-5 pm (note: if you would like to take the course, but cannot attend at the listed time, please contact Prof. Sakaki)
EAS1438HS New Approaches to Classical DaoismShen, V. – RL14353 – Tuesdays 3 – 5 pm
EAS1182HS Writing as Technology in Modern ChinaZhong, Y. – RL14353 – Wednesdays 3-5
EAS1337HS Diaspora and Transpacific Studies – Yoneyama, L. – RL 14353 – Thursdays 10 am – noon

Limited spots in the below courses are available to EAS students, but students must seek the permission of the professor to enrol (please fill out a Request for Reading and/or Research Course form):
Fall Courses
EAS1467HF Photographic Narratives of Modern Japan – Sakaki, A. – Thursdays 10 am – noon
EAS1419HF Chinese Cultural Studies Seminar – Zhong, Y. – Wednesdays 3 – 5 pm
EAS1339HF Topics in Chinese Art Theories  – Liu, J. – Location TBA – Thursdays 3-5 pm
EAS1101YY (full year) Introduction to Classical Chinese – Sanders, G – Location TBA – Fridays 1-3

Winter Courses
EAS1411HS Art and Archeology of Early China – Shen, C – ROM 603 – Mondays 11 am – 1 pm
EAS1412HS Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China – Shen, C – ROM 603 – Mondays 3-5 pm
EAS1408HS Identity and Diaspora in Taiwanese Literature – Liu, J – SS2128 – Mondays 3 – 5 pm
EAS1474HS US Wars in East Asia – Yoneyama, L. – SK720 – Wednesdays 11 am – 1 pm
EAS1409HS Cities in Premodern China – Feng, L. – SS621 – Thursdays 3 – 5 pm

Courses in other departments that might be of interest (non-exhaustive list) (to register, consult with the graduate unit offering the course and, if need be, fill out the Add/Drop form):

Fall courses
HIS1662HF Rethinking Modernity Through Japan – Fujitani, T – Fall, Wednesdays 1 – 3 pm
HIS1673HFCritical Historiography of Late Imperial and Modern China – Chen, L. – Fall, Tuesdays 11 am – 1 pm

Winter courses
DRA3905HS – Art and Politics in China – Fang, X. – Winter, Wednesdays 1-3
COL5052HS Marxism and Form – Cazdyn, E. – Winter, Thursdays 1 – 3 pm
HIS1677HS Empire and Nation in Modern East Asia – Lam, T – Winter, Mondays 2-4

Language Courses

For the below language courses, graduate students enrol in the graduate course code, but meet with the undergraduate class. Please see the FAS timetable for meeting times.

EAS1301Y (EAS120Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese I
EAS1321HS (EAS121H1S) Japanese I W/PR Backgroud
EAS1302Y (EAS220Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese II
EAS1303Y (EAS320Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese III
EAS1304HF (EAS460H1F) Mod. Std. Japanese IVA
EAS1621YY (EAS110Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean I
EAS1631YY (EAS211Y1Y) Accelerated Mod. Korean I & II
EAS1622YY (EAS210Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean II
EAS1632HS (EAS212H1S) Accelerated Mod. Korean II
EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
EAS1626YY (EAS416Y1Y) Academic and Professional Korean
EAS1801YY (EAS100Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I
EAS1811YY (EAS101Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I – Prior Background
EAS1802YY (EAS200Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese II
EAS1812HF (EAS201H1F) Mod. Std. Chinese II – Prior Background
EAS1803YY (EAS300Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese III
EAS1814HS (EAS402H1S) Mod. Std. Chinese IVb.