Community Film Screening of “Face, the Other Side [얼굴, 그 맞은편]”

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Date(s) - 17/11/2018
2:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Innis Town Hall



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Film Synopsis: The culture of men watching illegally filmed videos of sexual violence is becoming a huge problem in Korea. Videos of sexual intercourse filmed without the consent of women, are publicly shared on illegal sex violence video sites. Female victims of these videos are branded as ‘something-something girl’ and become content products that are bought without copyrights. These transactions have created a huge market. Women can’t help but live in constant fear of getting their exposed bodies or sexual intercourses filmed anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Yet, the police are tepid with investigations and punishments, and consequently female victims’ lives are destroyed psychologically, socially, and financially. Infuriated by reality, some ordinary women have turned into  political feminist warriors. Getting by with part-time jobs, they voluntarily gather together, and spend countless hours trying to identify the faces of the consumers of illegal videos so that they can collect enough evidence to report to the police. They also erase the victims’ videos and help them restore their life. Face, the Other Side goes beyond investigative reporting rather than simply unearthing  the criminal cartel that consumes, produces, and distributes sexual violence videos. The film is an empowering story of young women growing into feminists and activists to reclaim the control of their bodies. They are the ones who change the world.


Director Bio:
LEE Sun Hee
Femi-tator – it is a word that I coined, as well as a value, and an occupation. My job is to organize and systematize women’s indignation. I write, make speeches, and sometimes bring my camera around to make documentaries, and dream of a world where feminism is common sense. In a few years, I hope to see NAH Hye-suk, the protagonist of my screenplay, Draw the Light, from long ago, on the screen and saying the line, “Virginity isn’t my hobby.”

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