Complete List of Graduate Courses

Complete List of Graduate Courses

The following courses may be offered by the department. Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the department’s website for a current course listing.

Cultural Studies

EAS 1101Y Classical Chinese I
EAS 1102H Classical Chinese II (prerequisite: EAS110Y1; exclusion: EAS458H1)
EAS 1103Y Introduction to Classical Japanese
EAS 1118H Translation and Modernity
EAS 1177H Chinese Cultural and Historical Studies
EAS1180H Environmental Criticism
EAS 1181H Questioning Humanities: 20th Century China
EAS1335H Violence, Justice, the Human
EAS 1337H Diaspora and Transpacific Studies
EAS1339H Topics in Chinese Art Theories
EAS 1419H Chinese Cultural Studies Seminar: May Fourth
EAS1424H Multitude, Labour Power, Population
EAS1432H Korean Cultural Studies Seminar
EAS1433H Surplus Populations in East Asia and in Theory
EAS1435H Crisis, Repetition, and History
EAS1436H Rethinking Realism in 20th Century Korea
EAS1439H Crisis, Population, Archive
EAS 1441H Advanced Topics in Japanese Cinema
EAS1447H Sound Studies and Modern Japan
EAS1449H Future, Architecture, Japan
EAS1474H US and Canada’s Wars in East Asia
EAS 1475H Contemporary Cultural Theories
EAS 1477H Samurai Culture (exclusion: EAS477H1)
EAS2020H Critical Approaches to East Asia
EAS2323H Rethinking Chinese Cultural History


EAS 1130H Rethinking China’s Cultural Revolution: History, Politics, and Theory
EAS 1140Y From Republic to People’s Republic: The Chinese Revolution from 1895 to the Present
EAS 1175H 20th Century East Asia in Comparative World History
EAS 1176H Comparative Historical Socialisms in East Asia and Beyond
EAS1297H Texts, Images, and Objects in East Asia
EAS1409H Cities in Premodern China
EAS 1411H Art and Archaeology of Early China
EAS 1412H Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China
EAS1173H,Y Modern Korean History Seminar
EAS 1174Y Rethinking Empire in East Asia
EAS 1425H Critique of Everyday Life and Capitalism
EAS 1429H Topics in Marxism and Japan
EAS 1430H Introduction to the Countryside
EAS 1431H Mass Culture, Capitalist Crisis, Fascism in Modern Japan
EAS 1434H Karatani’s The Structure of World History and the Politics of Marx
EAS 1446H The Communist Hypothesis and Asia (exclusion: EAS446H1)
EAS 1466H History, Everyday Life, and North Korea
EAS 1471H Issues in Political Economy of South Korea
EAS 1496H History of the Chinese Book


EAS 1115Y Reading Japanese for Graduate Purposes (Credit/No Credit)
EAS1263H Classical Japanese I
EAS 1301Y Modern Standard Japanese I (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1302Y Modern Standard Japanese II (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1303Y Modern Standard Japanese III (Credit/No Credit)
EAS1304H Modern Standard Japanese IVa (Credit/No Credit)
EAS1305H Modern Standard Japanese IVb (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1321H Japanese I for Students with Prior Background (Credit/No Credit)
EAS1322H Modern Standard Japanese II Prior Background (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1621Y Modern Standard Korean I (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1622Y Modern Standard Korean II (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1623Y Modern Standard Korean III (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1624Y Modern Standard Korean IV (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1626Y Academic and Professional Korean (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1631Y Accelerated Modern Standard Korean 1 and 2 (Credit/No Credit)
EAS1632H Accelerated Modern Standard Korean 2 (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1801Y Modern Standard Chinese I (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1802Y Modern Standard Chinese II (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1803Y Modern Standard Chinese III (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1804Y Modern Standard Chinese IV (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1811Y Modern Standard Chinese I for Students With Background in Chinese (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1812H Modern Standard Chinese II for Students With Background in Chinese (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1814H Modern Standard Chinese IVa (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1815H Modern Standard Chinese IVb (Credit/No Credit)


EAS1137H,Y Chinese Poetics
EAS 1151H Chinese Poetry I
EAS 1152H Chinese Poetry II
EAS 1182H Writing as Technology in Modern China
EAS 1345H Readings in Japanese Literary Criticism
EAS 1408H Identity and Diaspora in Modern Taiwanese Literature
EAS 1417H Korean Literary Translation
EAS 1437H Mid-century Modernism in the Koreas: Literature, War, and Decolonization
EAS 1444H The City, Body, and Text in Modern Japanese Literature
EAS 1467H Photographic Narratives of Japan
EAS 1468H Mahayana Sutra Literature
EAS 1538H Writing Women in Premodern China
COL 5101H Diasporic Cities: Itinerant Narratives of Metropoles by Travellers and Expatriates
JLA 1456H Japan As Seen By ?: Reference, Apparatus, Operation
JLA 5082H The Rhetoric of Photography

Philosophy and Religion

EAS1225H Self-Cultivation and Health in Chinese Philosophy
EAS1226H Topics in Modern Chinese Philosophy
EAS1227H Topics in Chinese Religions
EAS1229H Topics in Chinese Aesthetics
EAS1407H Textual Analysis of Classical Chinese Philosophy
EAS1438H New Approaches to Classical Daoism
EAS1455H Classical Confucianism (exclusion: EAS455H1)
EAS 1601Y Seminar in East Asian Buddhism


POL 2416Y Politics and Society in Contemporary China

Research Seminars

EAS1100H,Y Special Topics in Chinese Studies
EAS1116H,Y Special Topics in Chinese Culture
EAS 1143H Topics in Medieval China
EAS1150H,Y Reading and Major Research Paper
EAS 1163H Special Topics in Korean Studies
EAS 1250Y MA Thesis (Credit/No Credit)
EAS 1300H Special Topics in Japanese Studies
EAS 1313Y Japanese Source Materials and Reference Works
EAS 1320Y Special Topics in Japanese Culture
EAS 1323Y Readings in Japanese Documentary Source Materials
EAS 1497H Special Topics in East Asian Studies
EAS 1999Y East Asian Studies Bibliography, Reference, and Research Methodology