Online Teaching

Please see the resources below for helpful links and support for remote teaching. This page is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically.

Online Learning Academy (OLA)

From the website: “The OLA is an instructor-to-instructor network created to help educators in the Faculty of Arts & Science deliver online teaching that enhances student learning and the student experience. It features interactive webinar sessions, peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching, and a platform to discuss online teaching methods. The Academy is led by Don Boyes, an award-winning professor from the Department of Geography & Planning, who is passionate about the role of technology in teaching, and how it can be leveraged to transform the learning experience for students. The OLA is also supported by its Fellows, a group of faculty members with demonstrated excellence and pedagogical expertise in online teaching.” Prof. Boyes has prepared a video on Hybrid Flexible (Hyflex) teaching, which involves broadcasting your in-class teaching to online students via your laptop.

Quercus and Online Teaching

Quercus Support Resources
General information on using Quercus, organized by topic. To search the database by keyword, use this link.

IIT's How to Keep Teaching Guide
This guide was created by the Teaching Technology Support (TTS) team, a part of the Arts & Science Information & Instructional Technology (IIT) team, and features webinars and resources on the following topics:

  • Recording lectures ahead of time
  • Holding live lectures
  • Setting up online assessments
  • Conducting virtual office hours
  • Communicating with students using Quercus
  • Promoting student collaboration online
  • Application best practices

U of T's Video Conferencing Quick Guide
This guide covers the various options instructors have for video conferencing.

Quercus Videos and Workshop Recordings
This page features various recordings that discuss how to use Quercus for remote teaching and related resources. Topics include:

  • Downloading Quercus Course Templates
  • CTSI Online/Remote Teaching Webinar Series
  • Quickstart Quercus
  • Organizing Your Course
  • Assignments and Grading
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Teaching with Webinars
  • Student Interactions and Collaborative Tools

Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading and analytics platform, which has a rich set of annotation tools, and is especially useful when instructors want students to complete work on paper, then scan/photograph it to upload for online evaluation. Read an explanation of how Crowdmark is integrated into Quercus (available to all A&S departments).

Online Course Design

Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI)
This page features some useful information for designing online courses such as tips for creating online quizzes and teaching with social media (located in the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the page).

Remote Teaching Resources from UTM
This page features helpful books and articles about remote teaching, along with resources on how to create pedagogically comprehensive online exams, and an FAQ section that features additional tips about online course delivery.

AODA resources
Tips to help keep your online classes accessible to all students.

Academic Integrity and teaching online

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at UTSC
A Quercus page with various tools to help instructors transition to remote teaching. They are also holding a webinar series titled “This worked for me!”, which is designed to help instructors transition to remote teaching.

Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI)

Library Resources

East Asian Library
The EAL’s Virtual Reference Desk is available 1pm-4pm, Monday through Friday, on Zoom. You can also email for help or their subject librarians:
● Stephen Qiao, Chinese Studies:
● Fabiano Rocha, Japanese Studies:
● Hana Kim, Korean Studies (interim):

U of T Libraries
U of T Libraries has announced a number of additional e-resources to be temporarily available for U of T users during the COVID-19 crisis. The listed e-resources are accessible only temporarily via the listed links during the COVID-19 crisis, meaning that they are not included or searchable in the UTL catalogue. UTL can also assist with getting e-books, digitized copies of print materials and adding tailored modules to your Quercus course page. Curbside service is also available. UTL has subscribed to the HathTrust Digital library, which provides access to a limited number of digital copies of physical books held in UTL (published prior to 2004). Visit the UTL website for more information (scroll to the bottom for access link).

External Resources

Edmund Y. Chang (Ohio University)
Prof. Chang has put together an in-depth, nuts-and-bolts three-part series of blog posts on how he structures and teaches online courses. He is using the Blackboard platform, but many of the techniques are translatable to Canvas (the platform underlying Quercus).