U of T Career Resources

U of T Career Resources

The U of T Career Centre has rich resources on helping students explore career information and build up skills through career-related workshops and seminars. Both on-campus and off-campus jobs are posted on the Job Board in an on-going basis. Students who are interested in learning job search technique and future education can find more information at http://careers.utoronto.ca/students-grads

On-Campus Work Opportunity
Work-Study Program
Work Study positions are for full-time or part-time graduate and undergraduate students (domestic or international). Positions are available in the Fall/Winter Term (September-February) and the Spring/Summer Term (May-August).  https://cln.utoronto.ca/myAccount/jobs/work-study/aboutws-student.htm

Extern Job Shadowing Program
This program connects students with professionals in their career field of interests. Students can participate in one-day or five-day orientation for job shadowing experience. More information can be found at https://cln.utoronto.ca/myAccount/programs/program-overview.htm

Drop-in and Registered Workshops
There are a variety of drop-in and registered workshops on the Career Centre website that help students gain latest information about the labour market and campus recruitment events. To register for any of the session, visit the St. George Calendar at https://cln.utoronto.ca/myAccount/events/eventoverview-sg.htm

Backpack 2 Briefcase
The Backpack 2 Briefcase (b2B) program provides an opportunity for students to network with alumni and faculty members in an open-discussion environment. Alumni are invited to give a speech and answer students’ questions about life and career after graduation. Students can sign up and attend different kinds of b2B events to further develop their skills of networking.
More information can be found at http://www.alumni.artsci.utoronto.ca/b2b/.

For an EAS student’s reflection on a Backpack 2 Briefcase panel, please see this page.

The Blueprint Program
This is a Student Life Program at U of T where students can get involved in various campus events to build up their academic skills and explore career options. The workshop component is divided into five areas of development:

  • Academic Skills
  • Leadership & Civic Engagement
  • Career Development
  • Health & Well-being
  • Personal Interest

More information on how to sign up for the Blueprint events can be found at http://www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/ote/blueprint

Career Fair
The Career Fair at U of T is the best platform for students to discover career opportunities and for companies to recruit  undergraduate and graduate talents. To get the latest information about upcoming career fair events, check out the Calendar on Career Centre website at https://cln.utoronto.ca/myAccount/dashboard.htm

YNCN is a student-run career development hub at U of T that helps students connect with employers by hosting a student-run career fair. Check out their Facebook page for updated information! https://www.facebook.com/UofTYoureNext