Summer 2016 Courses

The final 2016 summer timetable will be available on March 11. It will be available here.

The preliminary timetable is :

EAS103H1 F Premodern East Asia – Day
EAS105H1 S Modern East Asia – Day
EAS110Y1 Y Mod Std Korean I – Day
EAS120Y1 Y Mod Std Japanese I – Day
EAS247H1 F History of Capitalism in Modern Japan – Day
EAS256H1 F Chinese Literature – Day
EAS257H1 S Chn Lit Song to Qing – Day
EAS271H1 S Mod Korean History – Day
EAS273H1 F Modern Chinese Cities – Day
EAS284H1 F Modern Chinese Literature – Day
EAS327H1 F Japanese Fiction and the Nation – Evening
EAS340H1 F Topics in Chinese Society and Culture – Day
EAS374H1 F Modern Japan and Colonialism – Day
EAS384H1 S Medieval Japan – Day
EAS394H1 S Film Culture in Contemporary China – Evening
EAS496H1 F Advanced Topics in East Asian Studies – Evening