Self-cultivation and Health in Chinese Philosophy

EAS1225 SH Self-cultivation and Health in Chinese Philosophy
Instructor: Vincent Shen
Time: 2014 S Tuesday 10.10-12.00

This course focuses on the theories and practices related to self-cultivation and body/mind health issues in Chinese Philosophy. Some fundamental Confucian, Daoist and Chinese Buddhist texts will be read and analysed critically with medical texts in each tradition, such as the Rumen Shiqin (Taking Care of Confucian Family), Huangdi Neijing (Inner Classics of the Yellow Emperor) and the Chapter On Healing in Monk Zhiyi’s Xiao Zhiguan (Concentration and Insight, the minor version)…etc. Basic concepts, theories and practices will be discussed, some with practical demonstration. This course will be conducted with textual analysis and criticism, lectures, discussion and some practical exercises, together with students’ research presentation.

Evaluation: Attendance and participation 10%; Presentation and discussion 30%; Term paper 60%