Program Requirements

Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. program is a research degree that prepares students to teach and research in the area of East Asian Studies. All students are guaranteed funding for a period of five years. The time limit for the degree is 6 years full time for students who already have a Masters Degree and 7 years for direct-entry students (students with a B.A. only). The program consists of course work, language study, comprehensive exams, a dissertation prospectus, writing of a dissertation and a final oral examination on the dissertation.

Program Requirements
• 4.0 non-language full-course equivalents (FCEs), including at least 2.0 FCEs in East Asian Studies courses, to be selected in consultation with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. 2.0 FCEs must be completed in the first year of the program, with an average grade of at least A-. The remaining courses must be completed by the end of the second year of the program, maintaining an average of at least A-. As the majority of graduate courses are worth 0.5 FCE, students usually have to complete 8 courses, at least 4 of which must be in East Asian Studies. The remaining courses may be taken in other departments.
• An appropriate level of proficiency in at least one language other than English, relevant to the student’s area of study must be demonstrated by November 30 of the third year of study; the language(s), level of proficiency and method of evaluation will be determined by the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student’s Supervisor.
• A comprehensive qualifying examination is normally undertaken with the guidance of a supervisory committee within three months of completion of course work and must be taken by November 30 of the third year of study.
• After completing the comprehensive examination, students are required to produce a doctoral dissertation with the guidance of a supervisory committee. This process begins with the production of a dissertation prospectus to be approved by the committee within one to three months after passing the comprehensive examination.
• The completed dissertation must be defended at an oral examination.

See here for a more detailed timeline of the program.