PhD Graduates

PhD Placements – Past 10 years

Baxter, Joshua (2016). Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo.
Dissertation: Capital-Nation-State: A Genealogy of Yasukuni Shrine

Kim, Sungjo (2015). Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chinese and Korean Studies, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Tübingen (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
Dissertation: The Countryside and the City: A Spatial Economy of the New Village Movement in 1970s South Korea

Machek, David (2015). Assistant Professor at Institute of Philosophy at Bern University
Dissertation: Virtuosos of the Ordinary: Comparative Interpretations of Stoic and Daoist Thought

Zhang, Yue (2014). Assistant Professor & Associate Director M.A. in Chinese Studies Program. Valparaiso University.
Dissertation: Verse and Lore: ‘Poems on History’ (yongshi shi) from the Selections of Refined Literature (Wen xuan)

Xu, Xiaowen (2014). Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Language, Literature, Film and Culture Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. Syracuse University.
Dissertation: Transgression in Texts: Literary Quality of Qi from Tang Tales of Marvels to Wang Xiaobo’s Tang Tales

Fedorenko, Olga (2012). Assistant Professor. Seoul National University.
Dissertation: Tending to the ‘Flower of Capitalism:’ Consuming, Producing and Censoring Advertising in South Korea of the 00′s

Chai, David (2012). Assistant Professor, Philosophy. Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Dissertation: Nothingness, Being, and Dao: Ontology and Cosmology in the Zhuangzi

Han, Christina (2011). Assistant Professor, History. Wilfred Laurier University.
Dissertation: Territory of the Sages: Neo-Confucian Discourse of Wuyi Nine Bends Jingjie

Posadas, Baryon Tensor (2010). Assistant Professor, Asian Languages and Literature. University of Minnesota.
Dissertation: Double Fictions and Double Visions of Japanese Modernity

Tan, Mingran (2010). Associate Professor, School of Philosophy and Social Development. Shandong University.
Dissertation: Hermeneutics and Crisis: Wang Fushi’s Interpretation of Confucian Classics in a Time of Radical Change from the Ming to the Qing

Yi, Lidu (2010). Assistant Professor, College of Architecture & of the Arts. Florida International University.
Dissertation: The Third-phase of the Yungang Cave Complex- Its Architectural Structure, Subject Matter, Composition and Style

Hwang, Merose (2009). Assistant Professor, History. Hiram College.
Dissertation: Discourses on Shamanism in Colonial Korea

Sterk, Darryl (2009). Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Interpretation and Translation. National Taiwan University.
Dissertation: The Return of the Vanishing Formosan

Bohnet, Adam (2008). Assistant Professor, King’s College at the University of Western Ontario.
Dissertation: Migrant and Border Subjects in Late Chosŏn Korea

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