Komuro-Lee, Ikuko

Ikuko Komuro-Lee (PhD, Osaka University)
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Japanese Language Program
Department of East Asian Studies
Office Phone: 416-946-5113
Office Location: Robarts Library #14143 (14th Floor)
E-mail: ikuko[dot]komuro[dot]lee[at]utoronto[dot]ca

I have been strongly interested in discourse; how people convey messages while at the same time building and maintaining a good relationship with their counterpart. Accuracy in grammar or in pronunciation is not often the most important factor for good communication. On the other hand, how you say, what you say and in what order you say can often be crucial points in a spoken language. The textbooks I published with my colleagues were developed from that perspective.
Recently I have also been researching kanji vocabulary in Japanese. It is often the case that learners who know Chinese characters in Chinese easily assume that Japanese characters are more or less the same as theirs but such assumptions do not apply all the time. My current main research is to classify and describe Japanese kanji words so that those who know Chinese can use their knowledge efficiently and avoid incorrect assumptions.

Research Interest:

  • Japanese Linguistics and education. Discourse analysis.

Academic Background:

  • B.A. in Italian and M.A. in Japanese Linguistics, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan.


  • EAS120Y Modern Standard Japanese I
  • EAS121H Japanese I for Prior Background
  • EAS220Y Modern Standard Japanese II
  • EAS320Y Modern Standard Japanese III
  • EAS460H/Y Modern Standard Japanese IV-a
  • EAS461H/Y Modern Standard Japanese IV-b