Virág, Curie

Curie Virág (Ph.D., Harvard University)
Assistant Professor
Department of East Asian Studies
Department of Humanities, Global Asia Studies, UTSC
Office Phone: 416-978-4568
Office Location: Department of Humanities UTSC

My main area of research is pre-modern Chinese intellectual history and thought. I am currently at work on a book manuscript, tentatively titled Self and the Ethics of Feeling in Premodern China, that explores the history of thinking about emotions in China from the 5th century BC to the 12th century. It examines how some of the most prominent and influential thinkers of their time – statecraft thinkers, moral philosophers, poets, theorists of literature, art and music – understood and made sense of the emotions, and the role that emotions played in their larger ethical and(or) political aspirations. This project brings together my interest in emotions with some of my other main preoccupations: self and subjectivity, theories of perception and knowledge, aesthetics, political theory, and comparative thought. My other major project examines the shifting conception, evaluation, and practices of memory in literati culture from the Six Dynasties to the Song periods.

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D. Harvard University (East Asian Languages and Civilizations, specialized in Chinese thought and intellectual history)
  • M.A. Harvard University (Regional Studies East Asia, specialized in East Asian thought);
  • B.A. University of California, Berkeley (European history and English literature);

Selected Publications:

  • Early Confucian perspectives on emotions,” in Vincent Shen and Kwong-loi Shun eds., Handbook of Confucian Thought. Springer (forthcoming).
  • Locating the moral self in Song Neo-Confucian thought.” In Vincent Shen and Kwong-loi Shun eds., Confucian Ethics in Retrospect and Prospect. Chinese Philosophical Studies XXVII. Washington, D.C.: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2008, pp. 137-148.
  • The artist as philosopher: Eros and the Search for Unity in the Thought of Su Shi,” in Passioni d’oriente. Eros ed emozioni nelle civilità Asiatiche, Sezione Asia Orientale (Conference volume, supplement 4 of Alla rivista degli studi oriental, 78 (2007), pp. 61-69.
  • Emotions and human agency in the thought of Zhu Xi,” in Journal of Song Yuan Studies, 37(2007), pp. 49-88.
  • Emotion, knowledge and the reconfigured self in the Tang-Song transition,” in Paolo Santangelo with Donatella Guida eds., Love, Hatred, and Other Passions. Questions and Themes on Emotions in Chinese Civilization. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2006, pp. 166-179.

Courses Taught:

  • Thinking about Emotions in Traditional China
  • History of Chinese thought, Tang through Ming  Self and Imagination in Pre-Modern China