Ontario Japanese Language Speech Contest

EAS Students Recognized at the Ontario Japanese Language Speech Contest

The 31st Ontario Japanese Language Speech Contest was held on Saturday, March 2, 2013 at Medical Science Building. Thirty-nine students from various universities and language schools participated. Our EAS Japanese language programme sent eight students to the contest.

Jung-Yeon Kim, who is currently taking EAS220Y, won Grand Prize (the top of 39 students) and was invited to participate in the annual 24th National Japanese Language Speech Contest, which will be held at University of Manitoba on March 23, 2013. Iris Zhao and Qin Yu were recognized with second prize in the beginners and advanced categories, respectively. Siru Li was awarded a special prize.

A group photograph of award winners with the Chair of the Organizing Committee and some of the sponsors, and our Grand Prize winner can be seen with a big cup on her lap.

Here is the full list of EAS prize winners:

Grand Prize: Jung-Yeon Kim (currently taking EAS220Y)
Winner of the 2nd Place of the Beginners category: Iris Zhao (currently taking EAS120Y1Y)
Winner of the 2nd Place of the Advanced category: Qin Yu (currently taking EAS320Y1Y)
Winner of a special prize: Siru Li (took EAS461H1F in fall 2012)