Korean Course Enrolment Instructions 2015-2016

For your own registration process, please see the instructions specific to your student category. Please check this website again in the new year in order to confirm your enrolment procedures. The below procedures are subject to change.


Incoming students with ABSOLUTELY no background:
Please enroll in, or add yourself to the waitlist for, EAS110Y1Y or EAS211Y on ROSI as soon as possible AND register for and attend a mandatory interview in early September (in the week before classes begin). Submit the online Korean Interview Form by the designated date (see below).

Incoming students with background (informal or formal study of Korean):
You must attend a September interview during the week before classes. Please submit the online Korean Interview Form to register for an interview (see below). After the interview, the department will attempt to register you on ROSI, space permitting, or add you to the departmental waitlist. Please note that native speakers of Korean and some students with a prior linguistic background in Korean are not permitted to take Korean courses for credit. To find out if you are qualified for a course please read the program policy.


Returning students who wish to take EAS110Y or EAS211Y:
In order to enrol in EAS110Y or EAS211Y in 2015-2016, you must attend the mandatory April or September interview. The courses are P* courses with priorities for first-year students and EAS students. First-year students and returning EAS students will be able to register during the priority enrolment period (July). Enrolment will open to other students in mid-August. Returning students who attended the April interviews will receive priority over those who attend the September interviews. Returning students who enrol on ROSI but who did not attend the April interviews may be removed from the course by the department, depending on spots available.

Returning students who wish to take EAS210Y, EAS212H, EAS310Y or EAS416Y:
Returning students who wish to enrol in an upper-year Korean course in 2015-2016, must either achieve the minimum grade in the prerequisite OR must attend the mandatory April interview and receive a placement in one of the courses.
EAS Majors/Specialists should enroll in the course, space permitting, or join the waitlist on ROSI.
Non-EAS Majors/Specialists should enroll through the department. The Korean Enrolment Form (will be available here on July 15 at 9 am) and is due on August 12, 2015. Submit your form as soon as possible since enrolments will be processed according to the date/time the form was received online. You will be added to the course or the departmental waitlist for the course by the department between August 17-20. Please ensure that there is a space available in your course load for the course. Failure to do so will jeopardize your placement in the course.
If you need to attend an interview but missed the April interviews, please register for the September interviews. The department will enrol you in the course after the interviews, space permitting.


Graduate students from within and outside the department who need knowledge of Korean for their research may take a Korean course with the approval of EAS, space permitting. Auditing is not an option. To be enrolled, you will need to provide a statement explaining how learning Korean is relevant to your research as well as an endorsement from your advisor (please use the below form). Please register for the September Placement Interview and bring along this form: Language Course Enrolment Request Form for Graduate Student


April Interview Details
Returning students who wish to take a Korean language course in 2015-2016 but who do not have the prerequisite course must attend a placement interview on April 6, 2015. The 2015-2016 Korean Interview Form must be submitted before March 25, 2015. Submit the form as soon as possible; enrolments for non-EAS Majors and Specialists in upper-year courses will be processed based on time of receipt of the online form.  [Click here for the interview times for Monday, April 6.]  The interviews will take place in RL14217. Alternative interview times are not available. The placements will be posted on this webpage after the interviews. Please note that placement in a course after an interview does not guarantee a spot in the course. Click here for the April Interview Results.

September Interview Details
The interviews will take place on September 9, in the week before classes begin, in room RL14217. Please submit the Korean Interview Form (due August 31) to register for an interview. The form will be available here on July 15 at 9 am. The department will post your interview time on this webpage on September 7. Alternative interview times are not available. The placements will be posted on this webpage after the interviews.
If further assessment of your language ability is required after the interview, you will be asked by the Language Coordinator to take the Placement Test.

EAS Majors and Specialists: If you are competent or proficient in the Korean language already and wish to take Society-Culture courses to replace your language courses, you must register for a December, April or September interview (see the schedule above) to have your language level assessed. Alternative interview times are not available.

Korean Language Coordinator

Name: Prof. Kyoungrok Ko
Office: RL 14217
Email Address: kyoungrok.ko@utoronto.ca