Graduate Student Conference

Graduate Student Conference: In Between

Date: March 22, 2014
Venue: Purple Lounge, 14th Floor of Robarts Library, University of Toronto
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Andrew Jones

The In Between conference wishes to explore literature, cultures, space, gender and theory in between fixed territory and discourse in the context of East Asia.The conference will bring together our keynote speaker, Dr Andrew Jones, and approximately twelve graduate students to present innovative research aspects of East Asian literary and cultural studies, from pre-modern to contemporary, in any humanistic discipline. We encourage interdisciplinary scholarship within and between literary and cultural studies, cultural history, art history, film and media studies, musicology and sound studies, archaeology, landscape and architecture as well as the interpretative social sciences.


Panel 1
Buddhism, Poetry and Philosophy
9:00am — 1030am
Discussant: Prof. T. Keirstead
Moderator: Martin Bastarache

In or Out of Tenjiku? — The Curious Place of
Japan in the Buddhist Universe
Chun Wa Chan University of Michigan

The Taste of Ash on My Lips: Against an
Ideology of Mourning in the Poetics of the
Waste Land
Jack Wilson, UCLA

Panel 2
Translation and Literature
10:45am —12:15pm
Discussant: Prof. Y. Zhong
Moderator: Erin Lofting

The Acceptable Form in Target
Language: Yan Fu’s Translating Practice
in the Case of On Evolution
Shengping Guo, University of

Migration and Localization of Chinese
Aesthetics in the Prose of Yang Lian
Zhen Zheng, University of Hong

12:15pm — 1:45pm

Panel 3
Art and Culture
1:45pm — 3:15pm
Discussant: Prof. J. Poole
Moderator: Jing Wang

Negative Visions: Absence as Agency in
the Work of Jin-me Yoon
Sasha Langford, Concordia

How the Fantasy of a Historical Drama
Reinforces the Existing Power Structures
and Cultural Norms in South Korea
Daniel Jung, University of Toronto

Panel 4
Seeing, Sound and Politics in Music,
Broadcast and Film
3:30pm — 5:00pm
Discussant: Prof. K. Kawashima
Moderator: Jeremy Hurdis

Voice of the State, Bodies of the Masses:
Broadcasting in the Great Leap Forward
Yu Wang, University of Toronto

The Renewal of Traditional Stage:
Chinese Opera Films in the 1950s and
Kai Yin, University of Paris I

Tokyo “Shelter-Skelter”: Modernity of Seeing and Not Seeing
Norihiko Tsuneishi, Columbia University

Keynote Speech
Keynote Speaker: Prof. A. Jones, UC Berkeley
Quotations Songs: Portable Media and Pop Song Form in the Chinese 1960s

5:20pm — 7:00pm



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