Graduate Courses 2014-2015

List of Graduate Courses Offered in 2014-2015
The below schedule is subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updates.
Course descriptions are available for the courses with links.

Fall Courses
EAS1226HF Topics in Modern Chinese PhilosophyShen, V – RL14353 – Tuesdays 10 am-noon
EAS2323HF Rethinking Chinese Cultural History – Feng, L. – RL14353 – Wednesdays 3-5 pm
EAS1173HF Korean History Seminar – Schmid, A. – RL14353 – Wednesdays 11 am-2 pm
EAS1337HF Diaspora and Transpacific Studies – Yoneyama, L. – RL14353 – Fridays, 2-4
EAS2020HF Critical Approaches to East Asia – RL14353 – Meng, Y. – Purple Lounge – Tuesday, 6-9
EAS1101Y Introduction to Classical Chinese – Sanders, G – LA341 – Fridays, 1-3

Winter Courses
EAS1151HS Chinese Poetry I – Sanders, G – LA341 – Thursdays, 10-12
EAS1411HS Art and Archeology of Early China – Shen, C – ROM 603 – Mondays 11 am – 1 pm
EAS1412HS Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China – Shen, C – ROM 603 – Mondays 3-5 pm
EAS1432HS Korean Cultural Studies Seminar – Poole, J. – RL14353 – Wednesdays 11 am – 1 pm
EAS1434HS  Karatani’s The Structure of World History and the Politics of Marx – Kawashima, K. – RL14353 – Wednesdays 4-6
COL5101HS Diasporic Cities – Sakaki, A. – Isabel Bader Theatre 319 – Tuesdays 10 am-noon

Language Courses

For the below language courses, graduate students enrol in the graduate course code, but meet with the undergraduate class. Please see the FAS timetable for meeting times.

EAS1301Y (EAS120Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese I
EAS1321HS (EAS121H1S) Japanese I W/PR Backgroud
EAS1302Y (EAS220Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese II
EAS1303Y (EAS320Y1Y) Mod. Std. Japanese III
EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
EAS1621YY (EAS110Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean I
EAS1622YY (EAS210Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean II
EAS1623YY (EAS310Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean III
EAS1624YY (EAS410Y1Y) Mod. Std. Korean IV
EAS1801YY (EAS100Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese I
EAS1802YY (EAS200Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese II
EAS1803YY (EAS300Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese III
EAS1804YY (EAS400Y1Y) Mod. Std. Chinese IV