Non-EAS Courses Acceptable for Credit

The following courses can be taken for credit within your EAS Specialist, Major or Minor. Please note that a maximum of 2.0 credits of Non-EAS courses may be counted towards a Specialist, while a maximum of 1.0 credit may count towards a Major or Minor.

Please note that if you would like to take a course within U of T (any of the three campuses) that you believe should be counted towards your EAS program, but does not appear on this list, the department will assess the credit upon your request. The course should be similar to the courses taught by the department itself. Please send your request to the Program Administrator, Natasja VanderBerg (

Contemporary Asian Studies Courses
CAS310H1 Colonialisms in Asia
CAS320H1 Modernities in Asia
CAS350H1 Asian Youth Cultures
CAS360H1 Asian Genders
CAS390H1 Socialism to Post-socialism

Fine Arts Courses
FAH260H1 The Artistic Landscape of East Asia
FAH262H1 Art and Visual Experience in Modern and Contemporary East Asia
FAH361H1 Art and Ritual in East Asia
FAH362H1 Lanscape and the Built Environment in East Asia
FAH363H1 The Mechanics of the Image in East Asia
FAH368H1 Encounters: Art Within and Beyond East
FAH461H1 East Asian Art as a Cultural System
FAH462H1 Outside East Asian Art
FAH463H1 Materiality, Objecthood, Connoisseurship and Collecting in the Arts of East Asia
FAH464H1 Transregional East Asian Art

History Courses
HIS280Y1 History of China
HIS326H1 Topics in Chinese History
HIS328H1 Modern China
HIS380H1 Late Imperial China
HIS385H1 The History of Hong Kong
HIS385Y1 The History of Hong Kong
HIS448H1 Gender in East and Southeast Asia
HIS485H1 Topics in Chinese History
JHA384H1 Japan and the World

Philosophy Courses
PHL237H1 History of Chinese Philosophy
PHL337H1 Topics in Chinese Philosophy

Religion Courses
RLG206Y1 The Buddhist Religious Tradition
RLG207Y1 The Study of East Asian Religions
RLG371H1 Asian Epics
RLG466H1 Buddhism and Society in East Asia

Courses in Other Departments
ANT341H1 China in Transition
ANT472H1 Japan in Global Context: Anthropological Perspectives
ANT477H1 Transnational Korea in and outside the Penninsula
GGR343H1 The Changing Geography of China
JMC301Y1 State & Society in 20th Century China
JPA331Y1 Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics
JPA411H1 Global Taiwan
LIN205H1 East Asian Languages and English
POL215Y1 Politics and Transformation of Asia-Pacific
POL431Y1 Politics and Society in Contemporary China
WGS435H1S Culture and History of the Nuclear Age